Scroll of Honour by Ramjas College Alumni Associat

Scroll of Honour by Ramjas College Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Ramjas College takes great pride and pleasure in awarding this plaque to Principal, Dr. Rajendra Prasad for his outstanding leadership and transformational role in making Ramjas College what it is today.

Those who have been associated with this College know about its ups and down. They also know that they owe to Dr. Prasad a great debt they can never repay. Today if members of the alumni can hold their head high and proudly proclaim that I am from Ramjas, it is due to the unstinting efforts of Dr. Prasad.

Today, Ramjas has global presence. It is an equal opportunity College where women have assumed leadership roles in the functioning of the College. Today, students have unrestricted access to the Principal which has made them eager stakeholders in the fortunes of the College. Dr. Prasad has sowed the seeds of a bright future, and what we are seeing today are the fruits of his arduous labours.

Dr. Prasad has touched the lives of Ramjasians with the quality of pedagogy he has introduced in the College by fostering an innovative global culture and locating Ramjas as a producer of knowledge in the academic world.

Members of the alumni hope that Dr. Prasad will continue to provide leadership to this College so that when it is occasion for Ramjas to celebrate its centennial year in 2017, it is regarded worldwide as a premier institution for higher learning.


Dr. Ranjana Dixit

Dr. P. N. Dutta Gupta
Chief, Co-ordinator

Prof. P. C. Verma


12 February 2011