Plaque of Honour by Prakash Jha

Plaque of Honour by Prakash Jha

Dr. Rajendra Prasad joined as Principal of Ramjas College when he was a young man of 33 in July 1985. He has completed 25 years as such on 6th July, 2010. Dr. Prasad inherited a college that was passing through perhaps its worst phase. All administrative and financial systems had collapsed. Principals were being forced out of the Office by belligerent agitations led by students, karamcharis and teachers. Amidst this gloom, Dr. Prasad had shone like a torch paving a path for the College’s peaceful and progressive transformation into an institution noted for its stability, far-sightedness and academic leadership. Dr. Prasad is undoubtedly an institution builder par excellence. Working within the contemporary Indian University System, which often does not conceptualise beyond the consumption of knowledge, he has championed pioneering reforms and strategies to promote the production of knowledge.

It is an order of things that we take note of and appreciate with adequate emphasis the contribution of an individual - Dr. Prasad, who has brought about this transformation. Principal Prasad has single handedly battled adversity to bring about this transformation into a progressive, equal opportunity institution that has today became the vanguard of the academic excellence on one hand and liberal democratic traditions on the other. 

Dr. Prasad’s phenomenal contribution as Principal of the 3 member Raghavan Committee appointed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in 2006 has helped set the agenda of removal of the widespread menace of ragging from educational institutions. Dr. Prasad was responsible for drafting the Committee’s monumental report which received widespread acclaim and commendation of the Hon’ble Court. His unstinted and generous service to the Raghavan Committee has greatly helped the cause of the victims of ragging in the Country.

Prakash Jha, an old student of Ramjas College (1969) takes pride in presenting this plaque of honour to him on completion of 25 years as Principal of Ramjas College.


Date: 8 January 2011

Prakash Jha
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